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Sanjay Dutt in Khauff

The Sanjay Effect - Sexuality and Charisma

"Sanjay Dutt is a total rock star, probably the last that we have in Bollywood today." (Imran Khan, 2008)

Sexuality and Charisma

"Among the males, no one wore his hair (and still does) with more elan than Sanjay Dutt. Long, unkempt, coloured, it was his beacon to his sexuality."

"Among the current brigade, not too many stars have charisma, in the true sense of the word. Star-appeal, maybe; but charisma - very, very few. Sanjay Dutt most definitely has it. That raw appeal that is so essential to a star, that people can feel his presence before they've sighted him."

And what would a 'Lust Barometer' be without Sanjay Dutt - "the first to make a macho physique a fashion statement. The Deadly Dutt has an animal sexuality about him that emanates as much from his perfectly sculpted 'he-man' physique as from his large, vulnerable eyes with their 'little lost boy' look. Add to that his smile, his hair and his recklessness and you have a lost lion cub that is just waiting to be mothered. Not many women have been able to resist that."

(Stardust Annual, 1997)

"If you have it flaunt it."

In October 1991, the Movie magazine dealt with the phenomenon that Hindi films no longer were eye-turners just for the male public. "Please give us more sexy male stars, the ones who dare to strip their shirts off!" the girls were pleading. "Why are only women featured in Wet and Wild, give us men too!" No doubt about it: Hunks like Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Rahul Roy and Jackie Shroff, with their well-conditioned physiques and their courage to expose them, had triggered a new era
: "Gals strip hunks down to trunks!"

Sanjay had no problems with this change in trends: "If society is changing, it means that women are becoming bolder. So what's wrong with that? It is not that society demands nudity for nudity's sake. Most of the new boys who have come in have excellent physiques, so it is only natural to show exercise on screen too. Besides, in English movies men have been stripping forever. Sylvester Stallone really started the trend in a big way. In Rambo, there is a scene which shows Sly getting ready for a fight. His biceps, thighs, forearms, waist - all are shown in close-up as he is strapping up and it looks damn good. (shrugs) i have a good physique, so I show it. If I was pot bellied I'd never take my shirt off. In Fateh there is a whole song in which I'm shown exercising. Even in Sahibaan there is a scene where I am swimming wearing only shorts. And it looks good. (smiles) Come on, nobody is going to expose unless they have a good body. If you have it flaunt it."

(There was a lot to flaunt even ten years later: MENtality, in: Ciné-Blitz, Ah! Men, 2001)

Sanjay Dutt in Sadak

Sanjay Dutt: Body Basics
Sanju talks about workout and muscles: Link 1 - Link 2
(Ciné-Blitz, Ah! Men, 2001)

"I love to have a toned body rather than Rambo's muscles."
(4D Woman, March 2007)

Comments on the "Sanjay Effect"

Indiatimes Movies chose 2007 the "Top Ten Sexiest Men of Bollywood" where Sanjay - definitely the oldest among all the younger guys - was placed on rank 8: "Malaika Arora Khan once called him the ‘original Marlboro man’. He is the quintessential ‘sexy stud’ of Bollywood. From his coloured blonde tresses in ‘Khalnayak’, or spiked hair and Mohawk look in ‘Kaante’ to his tattooed body in ‘Shabd’...this man is hot!"
(Is there anything I could add?)

In another list featuring Bollywood's "most dashing couples" Indiatimes Movies named at the end several actors, among them Sanjay Dutt, with the lapidary comment: "Need I add? These guys look super whoever they’re paired with. Right?" (Right.)

On Father's Day 2007 Indiatimes Movies presented "the sexiest dads of film industry" and there was no way to leave Sanjay out:
"While daughter Trishala insists that her ‘daddy is the bestest’, we insist that he is one of the hottest men of filmdom. That gait, those looks, that personality remains unparalleled."

"Like wine our Bollywood actors today seem to be getting better with age" stated Indiatime Movies in October 2007 in "Bollywood gets naughty at 40" about all the big superstars who have crossed the age of 40 and counted Sanjay Dutt among the Top 5 Bollywood 40+ Actors: "The audience have immense respect for this guy, especially after films like Munnabhai and Vaastav which gave a whole new direction to his career. You rock Sanju bhai!"

Even with 49, Sanjay still ranks among the sexy brigade - with his "rare blend of heroism and villainess and his rugged looks" (Indiatimes Movies: "Bollywood's sexy at 40").

Koena Mitra shared this opinion as she counted Sanjay among the "5 sexiest men alive" in the Filmfare 20081015: "Hot as hell. His smile is so innocent and cute that the moment he smiles at you he lights up your day. But the best part of him is his heart, which is spun in pure gold." (What a wonderful definition of "sexy"!)

In 2008, IMImobile, a global provider of mobile content and value added services, commissioned a study to find which movie stars are as popular on the mobile screen as they are on the big screen - and Sanjay was number 5 of the male most downloaded movie stars in terms of mobile content.

And even at the age of 50, Sanjay Dutt still ranks among the Top 10 Most Attractive Men of Bollywood according to a readers' choice:
"Rocky's still got it. Not too surprisingly his fans are more than happy to render jadoo ki jhappis on Bollywood's beloved Munnabhai.
Sex appeal: The man responsible for introducing the concept of macho, beefy bodies in the industry hasn't flexed those muscles in a long time. But with a smile like that, he can afford not to.
Style mantra: They don't call Dutt deadly for nothing. His bad boy hairstyles, funky beards, numerous tattoos and stylish accessories go well with anything the 50-year-old chooses to adorn - body-hugging tees or kurta atop jeans."


Sanjay's Tattoos

Sanjay Dutt in August 2009
with tattooist Vishwas Dorwekar and stylist Aalim Hakim

Sanjay has several large tattoos on his shoulders, his chest, his back and his arms, all designed by himself.

- left shoulder/upper arm: "Om Namah Shivaya" - a complimentary close to Lord Shiva, written in Sanskrit.
- right shoulder/upper arm: a dragon breathing fire; supposedly an Eastern Dragon, representing compassion and being a symbol for luck.
- right arm: two samurai soldiers one below the other, one in black and white, the other colourful, with Japanese flowers falling over them; these soldiers are a symbol for Sanjay's hard fights in his life which never broke him down.
- left shoulder blade: a Tibetan
shloka (verse in four lines).
- right shoulder blade: a shiv ling (Himalaya mountain and symbol for Lord Shiva).
- left forearm: a snake and "Dilnashin", his wife Maanayata's real name.
- right forearm: a lion and the words "Simba Rules".
- chest:
his parents' names (Nargis in Urdu and Sunil Dutt in Devanagari)
- neck:
a Tibetan Om, his birth sign Leo and a red-inked tattoo of the numerical one (1), which stands for the Sun God and is a lucky number for Sanjay.



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